Wrestling With Johners

I’ve been a massive fan of Professional Wrestling since the early 90’s. However I remember watching British Wrestling on ITV’s The World of Sports with my Nan, every Saturday afternoon…

My Brit Wres Journey

Chris Lappin is joined by stars of the British Wrestling scene to discuss their wrestling journey from fan to their 1st match, the evolution of their gimmicks and created Fantasy…

Straight Talk Wrestling

#TheHost George Mckay gives you the very best that Straight Talk Wrestling Podcast has to offer EVERY Thursday NIGHT @ 7:30 EST that is always available for listen and download…

The Bob Culture Podcast

The Bob Culture Podcast is hosted by drummer, writer, indy commentator and nerd, Bobman discussing what’s new in the world of Pop Culture, Sports, WWE, AEW and the Local Music…

JOFO In The Ring

Frank Jofo & Kyle Morin & Jeremy Prophet Speak About All Wrestling, All The Time. Every TUESDAY 7PM on the JOFO IN THE RING YOUTUBE CHANNEL SUBSCRIBE LIKE AND FOLLOW…

Tea And Tights Podcast

Dan and Andy round up all the latest from the British Wrestling scene, with show reviews, previews and all the latest news, from the likes of Rev Pro Wrestling, Progress…

Guilmy Talks

Guilmy Talks is a podcast talking to interesting people and having fun while doing it.

Alliance Pro Wrestling Network

I run the Alliance Pro Wrestling Network, host Shooting Up North on The Impact Lounge and Co host MLW Rewind.

Toilet-Side Wrestling Talk

Interviews with top wrestling stars on the independent wrestling circuit…and some stars from larger promotions…with a humorous twist!

Ringside Rant

Ringside Rant is The ELITE in all wrestling nostalgic podcasting!!! EVERY FRIDAY at 9am EST on all podcast platforms and now The Johners Podcasting Network. RJ and Justin rant about…


Every Wednesday at 9AM EST Current IMPACT WRESTLING referee @babyhebner and @_ringsiderant cover your favourite wrestlers in a unique way #12.3 Follow @RefinItUp on Twitter as well #123

The Power Hour

The Power Hour with C Red and Steve Ahrendt. A Weekly Episodic Wrestling talk show featuring The Urban Sensation C.Red and The One and only Steve Ahrendt. Join us each…

Rope Break

Rope Break is the number one outlet to the world of Professional Wrestling covering WWE, AEW, Impact. Subscribe to YouTube. #theoriginalropebreak

Scumbags of Wrestling Podcast

We are a group of wrestling fans who enjoy going to local independent wrestling shows. We support Smash Wrestling primarily. Our podcast focuses on the independent wrestling scene in Ontario,…


What’s Da Call Up it’s a place where your inner nerd can run free without judgment where life takes a back seat and we can just relax and enjoy the…

Scottish Wrestling Network

The Scottish Wrestling Network Podcast hosted by Billy Strachan.

Interviewing the new faces and veterans of the Scottish wrestling scene with some bonuses thrown in for good measure.



What Do You Call It? Podcast! is run by a fan who’s loved the world of pro wrestling for over 20 years.

Chaos Theory Podcast

This is the channel for the Chaos Theory podcast. I am a LIFELONG wrestling fan and US Army Veteran. This podcast is way more than just your average wrestling podcast….

Bucklebomb Entertainment

Pro Wrestling Podcast, news and more topics to come! AEW, WWE, NWA, NJPW, NXT, Puro, indie promotions like GCW, GSW, New South, ICW and dozens more!

Tornado Tag Podcast

A wrestling podcast that talks about wrestling history and stories and shows love to the indy scene. No tag rope needed.


World Elite Podcast is hosted by die-hard wrestling fans Dylan Hebert, Marcus Hay and Jordan Johnson. As they strive to deliver quality wrestling content, every single week.

Where Is My Mind? A Deep Dive Into Curtis Rich

A deep dive into the life and mind of Curtis Rich, over the last 9 years as Ontario Gumby and content producer for Professional Wrestling. This podcast is my way…

Steven & Brad’s Talk ‘n’ Wrestling

Pro Wrestling fun for all ages! A 45-year old (Brad Marcus) and a 10 year-old (Steven Spice) discuss pro wrestling, review wrestling-related cartoons/shows/movies and a whole lot of hijinx!

Death Match Russell Podcast

I Interview the best Indy Pro Wrestling Wrestlers Female Wrestlers Managers Announcers Wrestling Promoters Companies I cover CZW IWA GCW JPCW H2O OPW VOW EHF and more!

kWo Wrestling Podcast

Welcome to a new world of Wrestling Podcasts,the kWo! Hosted by Wrestling Rainman Dill Kimbo and his brother and one of the hosts of TrainPop Culture, Matt Kimbo, enjoy their…

The Kurt Johansson Show

The Kurt Johansson Show

Bringing you wrestling interviews from all around the world. Host of Fierce Females Focus. Various wrestling related topics.

Pro Wrestling Tonight

Chicagoland Championship Wrestling features the best of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan.

For details on upcoming shows, visit us at: http://chicagolandchampionshipwrestling.com/

Work The Left Side Podcast

Hosted by Nik Towers. You don’t know where you’re going till you know where you’ve been. Looking through the history of British and American wrestling.

Turning Heel Podcast

Chris, Griz and Robert talk about all kinds of topics in this wacky, weird world that is Pro Wrestling.

Knights Of The Squared Circle

Knights of the Squared Circle is a weekly radio show and podcast hosted by Ryan and Ariena Knight featuring interviews with Canada’s most talented independent wrestlers and a variety of…

The Bear & Chocky T’s Wrestling Recap Podcast

Join “The Bear” and “Chocky T” as we recap what’s going on in AEW and Impact! Wrestling. Don’t forget to like, share & subscribe. Part of the wrestling with Johnners…

It’s Time To Fight!!

A wrestling podcast, hosted by award winning ring announcer Matthew Terry. We try to be different and we try to keep everything highbrow. Try … Posted every Tuesday.


‘Ewokk and JB’ Show is two wrestling personalities, sharing stories amongst guest and dropping knowledge to better the business they are in.

Rewind Recap Relive

Welcome everyone to Rewind Recap Relive! Where Legends and Rising Stars Meet each week to discuss their careers, road stories, advice on breaking into the pro wrestling business, and so…

Whaddya Say? With DDJ

Whaddya Say With DDJ is a long form interview style show where I interview pro wrestlers and those associated with pro wrestling. Most of my interviews are with those who…

Such Good Shoot

We are a group of dudes watching and talking about wrestling old, new, bad, and even occasionally good. Join us every Thursday at 10:05pm to see what we are up…

Turnbuckle Arms Podcast

There’s a new Bar in town! Welcome to the turnbuckle arms, where the banter flows like wine and the topics are as fresh as an ice cold pint. So pull…

Kyle's Wrestling

My name is Kyle and I am the host of Kyle’s Wrestling channel. I’m a huge fan of Professional Wrestling and love to interview wrestlers and people within the industry….

DOA's Bookerman Podcast

From the Bookerman of DOA Wrestling, featuring interviews with wrestling personalities, discussion, historical reviews and the Bookerman attempts to re-book some of wrestling’s best and worst moments!

Grappuchino Thoughts Podcast

Come and join the Prin of the With Johners Family for some good old fashioned hospitality, as the drinks machine is fired up, snacks are laid out and the comfy…

K.J. Pro Wrestling Podcast

For all your WWE/AEW wrestling news reviews and fantasy booking so for everything wrestling stay tuned and check out https://wrestlingwithjohners.com/

Snap Crackle and Cheap Pops: The PW4U Podcast

Pro Wrestling 4U owner Phil Woodvine gets together with his wrestling pals to give you some great stories, insider info, backstage goss, s***s and giggles. Enjoy the show !! Check…

Champs Out Last Podcast

Two Friends chatting with no logic or end point about the crazy world of professional wrestling. Reviewing Old WWE PPV’s/Network specials one story arc at a time.

Shootin' Sh*t Podcast!

Join DDJ, “The Premiere” Joey K, and “Da Hot One” Jay Menacho as they “shoot” on random wrestling topics, such as “Who Is Mr Summerslam?” and “Was the CM Punk…

‘Keepin’ It Kayfabe’ a 4CNRS Pro Wrestling Podcast

‘Keepin’ it Kayfabe’ a 4CNRS Pro Wrestling Podcast, with exclusive interviews, UK Independent show reviews, Gossip from around the mainstream promotions, PPV highs & lows from AEW & WWE. Plus,…

The Chokeslam Wrestling Report

Hi my name is Henry Valentin aka ‘The Ultimate One’. This channel was made to give wrestling fans the latest news & results from the top wrestling promotions. This includes…

The Everett Lee Show

The Everett Lee Show delivers a “Shot Of Entertainment,” with candid conversations from Independent Wrestlers, Independent Film Makers and people in the entertainment industry.


The “Rich Cannon” Curtis Rich-Cannon, “The Wizard Of West Texas” JMB, & Charlie “Blueprint” Bruno weekly as they rundown the best & worst of Professional Wrestling!!

Untitled Wrestling Podcast

The Untitled Wrestling Podcast is a no holds barred pro wrestling podcast, presented by a group of friends from the far reaches of the UK. Weekly shows covering WWE, AEW,…

Hidden Gem Hunters

‘Hidden Gem Hunters: The Search for Wrestling’s Forgotten Classics’ is a brand new podcast where former British professional wrestler Peter Nixon and promoter of DOA Wrestling Alec Burnitt will look…

Tree Hill Wrestling Federation

Where the world’s of One Tree Hill and Wrestling collide… Welcome to the FIRST EVER podcast that combines One Tree Hill and Professional Wrestling BROTHER! Join us weekly on Mondays…

Sky Creates

I’m Sky I’m 20 years old. I got into wrestling about two years ago. On my channel you can find Vlogs of shows I’ve been to, reviews, predictions and interviews…